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Workshop Features     

4 Hour Workshop – Informative, Intensive & Fun!
100 slide PowerPoint Presentation on a Big Screen and Sound System
22 Play - a - long Exercises – Everyone has a go!
All students receive detailed notes and a USB thumb drive of all the exercises covered to practise at home
Amplified Harp Demos by Brad
Cost: $110 / Person
Concessions available
No Previous Music Experience is necessary
Open to all ages 10 to 110!

Workshop Content

 A Brief History of the Harmonica
 Types of Harmonicas - Chromatic, Diatonic and Tremolo-tuned
 Parts of the 'Harp'
 Holding the Harmonica
 Note Layout and Chords on a 'C' harp
 Breath Control
 Simple Harmonica Tablature
 Train Rhythms
 Articulations – Making it ‘Talk’
 Playing Single Notes - 2 ways
 Tremolo (Wah Wah) effect
 The Major Scale
 Simple Melodies
 Rhythm and the Beat
 Playing to the Basic Beat
 Principle of ‘Harmonica Relativity’
 Straight Harp and Cross Harp
 How to Bend Notes
 The 12 Bar Blues
 The Blues Scale
 The “Swing” Rhythm
 Blues Riffs
 Boogie Woogie Blues
 Amplified 'Chicago Style' Blues Harp Playing
 Recommended Artists
 Recommended Self-instruction Book/CD’s