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Suzuki Bluesmaster

These are my favourite harps because I am a full-time tongue-blocker and I find them the most comfortable in the mouth. They are well made, sound great and very good value!


Hohner Special 20

Another great harp! I have  played these for years, mainly because they are available from most local music stores. I prefer plastic comb harps simply because they are easier to keep clean.


Bushmann Delta Frost

Quality harmonica from Bushmann Harmonicas Nashville USA. Very air-tight and loud.


Lee Oskar

First harmonica to come out with replaceable reed plates. Better for playing melodies rather than chords.


Hohner Marine Band  Steve Baker Special -12 Hole

These Harp’s are fantastic because you can play all your favourite riffs and rhythms down an octave lower. This is a Marine Band 364 which I have retuned to SBS Tuning. Great for chugging train rhythms.


Hohner Marine Band  Steve Baker Special - 14 Hole

The same tuning and bending capabilities traditionally reserved for the first three holes of a diatonic harp have been extended downward over an additional octave.  This allows for typical draw bend phrasings to be played over a range of 2 octaves.


Seydel Solist Pro SBS Tuning


This one from Seydel is top quality workmanship and sounds awesome. Seydel are making some of the best harmonicas available.


Suzuki Chromatix

12 Hole Chromatic Harmonica with a beautiful tone. Rounded mouth piece is very comfortable to play


Electrovoice RE10

Easy to hold and cup the harp. Nice warm tone. Will give distortion to tone when cupped tight. Mic used by many current pros. 70's vintage. One of Elvis' favourite vocal mic's!


Astatic Bullet with vintage Crystal element

Gritty tone for real ‘Chicago Blues” sound. Classic vintage looks.


Shure Green Bullet

I have had this since the early 80’s. Controlled Reluctance element. Nice Tone. Not as crunchy as the Astatic


Shure Commando

This mic can be used plugged straight into the PA. The more you wind on the volume the hotter it is and more distorted it sounds!


Turner Vintage Bullet

Not easy to hold with the ‘Fin’ Looks cool though…


Neumann Condenser Vocalist Mic

For vocals and acoustic Harp playing. Quality German microphone


Harp Delay

Awesome digital delay with the warmth of an analog delay


Harp Octave

Takes my amp tone to another level - big sound that cuts through... I use it as a kick in the tone and volume for solos


Harp Break

Gives that great distorted tone without having to crank up the amp volume





Harp Reverb

Adds extra depth, a "bigness" to the Harp sound


Pignose Amp

 Buskers Amp – very portable. Funky looks too


Roland Micro-Cube

Portable Buskers amp – battery powered. Lots of effects and amp simulations. Has a Line in for your CD backing tracks – plug in a mic and listen to yourself play amped harp in your headphones and not bother the neighbours.


Gretsch G5222

5 Watt all tube amp with great distorted tone at low volume. It's 6 " speaker really squawks and honks!!


Fender Bassman 59 RI  45 Watts - 4 x 10" Speakers

Guaranteed to wake up the neighbours with this one!

Great for jamming with a full band. With this amp I can be heard over those electric guitarists!

I have changed to lower gain pre-amp tubes to counter feedback Also had a Pentode-Triode switch and Master Volume installed. Sounds best at full 45 Watts and turned up!




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