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Adam Gussow "Crossroads Blues" 2010

Adam Gussow & Eddie Martin   (Live)

Adam Gussow - Sunshine of your love

Akemi Iwama - Up to 3 Harmonicas simultaneously "Transcendental Harmonica Player"

Alan Blackie Schackner

Alan Glen and Dave Peabody - Statesboro Blues

Alan Glen and Gordon Smith - Juke

Alan Glen and Gordon Smith - Walk On

Alan Glen and Papa George - Bye Bye Bird

Alan Glen and Robin Bibi - Stone Fox Chase

Alan Glen and Robin Bibi - Walking Blues

Alan Glen and The Increadible Blues Puppies

Alan Glen - I got a Stomach Ache

Alan Glen - Its my own Fault

Alan Glen - Looking for Someone

Alan Glen - Puppy Fat - Oh Baby

Alan Glen - Smok'n Barrels

Alan Glen - Watch Yourself

Alan Glen - Zip your Lip

Alan Wilson - Burning Hell

Alan Wilson - Childhood's End

Alan Wilson & John Lee Hooker - Drift'n

Alan Wilson & Son House - Levee Camp Roan

Angelo Adamo - Once Upon a Time in America

Angelo Adamo - My Foolish Heart

Angelo Adamo - Alla corte di Re Elfo

Angelo Adamo - The Homework Song

Angelo Adamo - In the Woods

Angelo Adamo - Look to the Sky

Angelo Adamo - Echoes of a Silent Era

Angelo Adamo - Crudelia De Mon

Angelo Adamo - My Romance

Angelo Adamo - Nardis

Angelo Adamo - How High the Moon

Angelo Adamo - Prelude from Cello Suite N 2 in D Minor BWV 1008 / so What

Angelo Adamo - Spirale Cittadine

Angelo Adamo - Ad Astor

Angelo Adamo - Stardust




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Best of Ennio Morricone

Big Walter Horton - Blues Harp Shuffle

Big Walter Horton - Cant hold out much longer

Bill Barrett " Harmonica Hell"

Billy Boy Arnold - Shake the Boogie

Billy Branch & Demetria Taylor - Chicago Blues

Billy Branch & Jamiah Rogers - Red House

Billy Branch & Jimmy Johnson - Live at Rosa's Lounge

Billy Branch & Kenny Neal - The son I never knew

Billy Branch & Sugar Blue, Charlie Musselwhite, Giles Robson and Tome Cocks - Colne Harp Explosion (August 2013)

Billy Branch & The Sons of the Blues - Blues Shock

Billy Branch & The Sons of the Blues - Going Down Slow

Billy Branch & The Sons of the Blues - If heartaches were Nickels

Billy Branch - As the years go passing by

Billy Branch at The Windy City Live Show

Billy Branch - Eyesight to the Blind

Billy Branch - Juke

Billy Branch - La Buja

Billy Branch - Sweet little Angel

Billy Branch - The Blues keep following me around

Billy Branch - Toronzo Cannon

Billy Branch - Tribute to Little Walter

Billy Branch - Your So Fine

Billy Joel - Piano Man

Bob Dylan - Don't think twice it's alright

Bob Dylan - Knocking on Heavens Door

Bob Dylan - Solo

Bob Dylan - Tambourine Man

Bowling Green John & Phil Wiggins ( FULL ALBUM)

Bonnie B. - Baby Please Dont Go

Bonnie B. - Train Station Bues

Bonnie Rait - Finest Lovin Man

Brad Capper and Salty Live at the Collie Australia Day Festival - Part 1

Brad Capper and Salty Live at the Collie Australia Day Festival - Part 2

Brad Capper and EM Vlatko "Got that Joy"

Brad Capper & Mark Dixon "I'll be Gone"

Brad Capper and Mark Dixon  "Wammer Jammer"

Brad and David Capper  "Rain is Falling Down"

Brandon Bailey  "Harmonica Jam"

Brendan Power & Andrew White "Talk about the Moon"

Brendan Power - "The Drunken Landlady"

Brendan Power  "The Maids of Mitchelstown"

Bruce Willis - Gett'n Down and Live on Stage  "Devil Woman"

Bruce Willis - Live on the David Letterman Show

Bruce Willis with BB King and Billy Preston - Sinner's Prayer

Buddy Green - Orange Blossom Special

Buddy Green - Solo

Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - Checking up on my baby



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Cactus - Bro. Bill

Canned Heat - Bagful of Boogie

Canned Heat - Bring it on Home

Canned Heat - Chromatic Harmonica Raga

Canned Heat - On the Road Again

Canned Heat - Roll'n and Tumbl'n

Capper Bros Live at the National Hotel Fremantle  "Live for Today!"

Capper Bros Live at the Perth Blues Club  "Two Trains - May 2019"

Carlos Del Junco -  A Funny Thing

Carlos Del Junco - Amazing Grace

Carlos Del Junco and Jimmy Bowskill - Roll Away the Stone

Carlos Del Junco and Jimmy Bowskill - Spike Driver Blues

Carlos Del Junco and Thom Roberts - Big Road Blues

Carlos Del Junco -  Another Man Done Gone/On Down the Track

Carlos Del Junco -  B Thing Intro

Carlos Del Junco -  Blues at the Cafe Campus ( Live performance - 66 minutes)

Carlos Del Junco - Blues with a Feeling

Carlos Del Junco - Confidence Man

Carlos Del Junco - Diddle It

Carlos Del Junco - Don't Bring me Down

Carlos Del Junco - Dull Blade

Carlos Del Junco - Heavens where you'll dwell

Carlos Del Junco - Hedon Tadpolly Spook

Carlos del Junco "Highlights from a set at Toronto Jazz Festival "

Carlos Del Junco - Jersey Bounce

Carlos Del Junco - Lil' Laptop

Carlos Del Junco - Mariachi

Carlos Del Junco - Master of the Harmonica

Carlos Del Junco - Mess Around

Carlos Del Junco - Mojo

Carlos Del Junco - Movin' Down the River Rhine

Carlos Del Junco - Nine below Zero

Carlos Del Junco - Skatoon

Carlos Del Junco - Some Sweet Day

Carlos Del Junco - Up and at 'Em

Cedric Gabriel - Mississippi Train

Charly Chiarelli - Buzzin Bee Blues

Charly Chiarelli - Grand River Love Song

Charly Chiarelli - Greta Thunberg Blues

Charly Chiarelli - Hamilton Fringe

Charly Chiarelli - Kavanaugh-Covfefe Blues

Charly Chiarelli - Sicilian Lullaby

Charly Chiarelli - Winter Time Blues

Charlie McCoy - Orange Blossom

Charlie Musselwhite - Way I Feel

Charlie Sayles - Atlanta Blues

Charlie Sayles - Dupont Circle North

Charlie Sayles - Go'in Up - Go'in Down

Charlie Sayles - Lowcounty Blues Bash (2003)

Charlie Sayles - The Raw Harmonica Blues

Chris Bauer - Autumn Leaves

Chris Bauer - Black Orpheus

Chris Bauer - I'm so lonely I could die      (Performed on a Diatonc Harmonica)

Chris Bauer - Moonlight Becomes You

Chris Bauer - Summer Time

Christal Bertham - Impromptu performance (LIVE)

Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Live at Montreux

Clint Hoover - I'm Old Fashioned

Clint Hoover - Playing the blus live

Clint Hoover - Solo on Bluesette

Clint Hoover - Tin Sandwich Swing

Clint Hoover Quartet - Anouman

Curtis Salgado - Baby, scratch my back

Curtis Salgado - Blues Harp

Curtis Salgado - Clean get away

Curtis Salgado - Last night I lost the best friend I ever had

Curtis Salgado - Live at Harmonica Blowout 2014

Curtis Salgado - Love comfort zone

Curtis Salgado - Moe's Alley

Curtis Salgado - Nobody but you

Curtis Salgado - This aint It



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Dan Kaplan - Back the Same Day

Dave Gage - Stuck by Thunder

Dave McKelvy Trio - Harmonica Boogie

DeFord Bailey - Davidson County Blues

DeFord Bailey - Fox Chase

DeFord Bailey - Kansas City Blues

DeFord Bailey - Pan American Blues

DeFord Bailey - Shake that Thing

Dennis Gruenling - All Night Boogie

Dennis Gruenling - Buffle off to Shuffalo

Dennis Gruenling - Lookin' Sharp

Dennis Gruenling - Rollercoaster Pre-Party

Dennis Gruenling - Sad Hours

Dennis Gruenling - Scaled Down

Dennis Gruenling - Slow Blues Harmonica

Dennis Gruenling - Unknown Rocker

Dennis Gruenling - Up the Line

Dennis Gruenling - You Got It

Donald Ray Johnson - Little Red Rooster

Dutch Mason & Blue Band - Polk Salad Annie

Dutch Mason - Pueblo

Dutch Mason - Walking Blues

Dutch Mason - Who do you love



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Eddie Burns - Biscuit Bakin Mama

Eddie Burns - Cross your Heart

Eddie Burns - Gangster Blues

Eddie Burns - Goin to New Orleans

Eddie Burns - Hastings Street Special

Eddie Burns - I am leaving

Eddie Burns - I've got a lot of respect

Eddie Burns - Juke joint blues

Eddie Burns - Nine below Zero

Eddie Burns - Papa's Boogie

Eddie Burns - Sitting here wondering

Eddie Burns - She keeps me guessing

Eddie Burns - The thing to do

Eddie Burns - Where did you stay last night

Eddie Burns - Your daddy aint foolin

Eddy Manson - Solo

Eddie Martin - Queen of Spades

Enrico Granafei - Pia

Frederic Yonnet & Edd Sheeran - Thinking out Loud

Frederic Yonnet & Eryka Badu - Southern Girl

Frederic Yonnet & John Legend - Ordinary People

Frederic Yonnet & Licious Spiller - Masquerade

Frederic Yonnet & Stevie Wonder - Boogie on Reggae Woman

Frederic Yonnet - Amazing Grace

Frederic Yonnet - America the Beautiful

Frederic Yonnet at the Dubai Jazz Fest

Frederic Yonnet - Calling

Frederic Yonnet - Kashmir

Frederic Yonnet - Little Wing

Frederic Yonnet - Philly Jazz

Frederic Yonnet - Tiny Desk Concert with Dave Chapelle

Floyd Amazon - Tabernacle Blues

Gary Primich & The Wildcards - Goodbye Little Girl

Gary Primich - Aint She Trouble

Gary Primich - Bad Poker Hand

Gary Primich - Hillbilly Blues

Gary Primich - Hoodoo Preacher

Gary Primich - House Rockin' Party

Gary Primich - I'm the one

Gary Primich - Jenny Brown

Gary Primich - Knock me a Kiss

Gary Primich - Pray for a Cloudy Day

Gary Primich - Real gone Lover

Gary Primich - Red Top

Gary Primich - She walks right in

Gary Primich - Slap you silly

Gary Primich - Texas Harmonica Rumble

Gary Primich - That's what love is made for

Gary Primich - Triple Trouble

Gary Smith - Barstool Blues

Gary Smith - Blues for Mr B [FA]

Gary Smith - Live at the San Jose Jazz Festival 2009

Gary Smith - One Way Out

Gary Smith - Your So Fine

George Smith - 44

George Smith & Bacon Fat - Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

George Smith and the Chicago Blues Band - Last Night

George Smith and his Blues Band - ...of the Blues (FULL ALBUM)

George Smith and his Blues Band - Blues with a Feeling

George Smith and his Blues Band - Harp Stomp

George Smith - A Tribute to Little WalterR

George Smith - Arkansas Trap (FULL ALBUM)

George Smith - Astatic Stomp

George Smith - B1 Juicy Harmonica

George Smith - Blowin the Blues

George Smith - Blues in the Dark

George Smith - Blues for Rev. King

George Smith - Chromatic's Shuffle

George Smith - Goin Down Slow

George Smith - Hawaiian Eye

George Smith - Help Me

George Smith - I've found it

George Smith - Juke

George Smith - Leaving Chicago

George Smith - Mississippi River Blues

George Smith - No Time for Jive

George Smith - Now you can talk about me  (FULL ALBUM)

George Smith - Summertime

George Smith - Sunbird

George Smith - Teardrops are falling

George Smith - Telephone Blues

George Smith - Woke up this morn'n

Glenn Weiser - Bonaparte crossing the Rhine

Glenn Weiser - The Year of Jubilo and Turkey in the Straw

Graham McClelland - Amazing blues Harp solo

Greg Taylor - Harmonica Solo

Gregoire Maret - The Gospel - Live at the Montereux Jazz Fastival

Gregoire Maret Quartet - Live at the Lotos Jazz Festival



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Hammie Nixon & Son Bonds - Trouble Trouble Blues

Hammie Nixon - Brownsville Blues

Hammie Nixon - Corina, Corina

Hammie Nixon - I'm Going Home

Hammie Nixon - Minnies Blues

Hammie Nixon - Tapp'n That Thing

Hammie Nixon - Viola Lee Blues

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - Blabbermouth Man

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - Downtime Blues

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - General Blues

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - I know she is crazy bout me too

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - It's hard to get along

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - L.A. Shake

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - Low Desert

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - Opening the Eight edition of "An Evening with the Blues" Agnietenhof Theatre in Tiel, The Netherlands

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - Put my clothes & shoes back in the closet

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - She got Soul

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - You got your mouth stuck out

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - You must be crazy

Harmonica Fats & Burnie Pearl - Vampire Blues

Harmonica Fats - Driveway Blues

Harmonica Fats - Granny in the Groove

Harmonica Fats - How Low is Low

Harmonica Fats - I had to get Nasty

Harmonica Fats - Mama, Mama, Talk to your Daughter for me

Harmonica Fats - My Baby didn't come Home

Harmonica Fats - Slidn' Defender

Harmonica Fats - Summertime Blues

Harmonica Fats - Tore Up (Over you)

Harmonica Fats with Joe Kincaid & The Soul Brother Band - Harmonica Symphony Stomp

Harmonica Fats with Joe Kincaid & The Soul Brother Band - It's Hard to get along

Hendrik Meurkens - Up Jumped Spring

Huey Lewis - Harmonica Solo (LIVE)

Howard Levy "The Evanston Express" Sample - Acoustic Chicago"

Howard Levy - Solo (2012)

Howling Wolf - Smokestack LIghtn'n

Indiara Sfair & Guilherme Tosin  "Walking Blues"

Indiara Sfair & Arthur Sowinski  "Improvisation in Cm"



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James Cotton - Cotton Crop Blues

James Cotton - Hungry Country Girl

James Cotton - Pacific Blues

James Cotton - Slow Blues

James Cotton - The Creeper

James Harmon - Crapshoot

James Harmon - Extra Napkins - Frederikshavn Blues Festival 2014

James Harmon - Helsinki Laudromat Blues

James Harmon - OOH Baby

Jason Ricci and the New Blood - Way I Hurt Myself

Jason Rosenblatt - Fenci's Blues

Jason Rosenblatt - Galitzainer Tanz

Jason Rosenblatt - Modern Life Blues

Jason Rosenblatt Duo - Harmonica a Cappella

Jason Rosenblatt Qtet - Diatonic Harmonica Jazz

Jeff Solon, Durango, Colorado

Jerry Portnoy & Bonny Raitt - Love me like a man

Jerry Portnoy & Kim Wilson - Live at Amanda's Rollercoaster

Jerry Portnoy & Rick Estrin - Live at Cha

Jerry Portnoy & Rick Russel - Cold Feeling

Jerry Portnoy & Rick Russel - Got my Mojo workin'

Jerry Portnoy & Rick Russel - Mother-in-law Blues

Jerry Portnoy & Rick Russel - Mystery Train

Jerry Portnoy & The Streamliners - Home Run Hitter (FULL ALBUM)

Jerry Portnoy & The Streamliners - Real Gone Guy

Jerry Portnoy at the Schulenburg Art School

Jerry Portnoy - Blues in a Dream

Jerry Portnoy - Canadian Sunset

Jerry Portnoy - Cant remember to forget

Jerry Portnoy - Lazy

Jerry Portnoy - Lullaby of Birdland

Jerry Portnoy - Misty

Jerry Portnoy - Mood Room Boogie

Jerry Portnoy - Pocket Full of Soul

Jerry Portnoy - Poison Kisses (FULL ALBUM)

Jerry Portnoy - Runin' with the Blues

Jerry Portnoy - Sentimental Journey

Jerry Portnoy - She makes me

Jerry Portnoy - Stormy Weather

Jerry Portnoy with Otis Grand & Guitar Ray - Live at the Carzorla Blues Festival 2005

Jerry Portnoy with Umberto Pocaro and The Shuffle Kings - Torrita Blues

Jimi Lee - Laundromat

Jimi Lee and the Lava Blues Band - LIve on stage

Jimi Lee - Rock Beat in A

Jimi Lee,  RJ Mischo,  Billy Gibson - Pocket Full of Soul

Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man

Jimmy Reed - Bright Lights, Big City

Jimmy Reed - Cry before I go

Jimmy Reed - Honest I Do

Jimmy Reed - I'm the man down there

Jimmy Reed - Live on Houston TV  1975

Jimmy Reed - You Got Me Running

Jon Eriksen - Dindi

John Barry - Midnight Cowboy

John Hammond - How Many More Years

John Nemeth - Blues in my Heart

John Nemeth - Country Boy

John Nemeth - Hoodoo Man Blues

John Nemeth - Love Gone Crazy

John Popper - No Woman No Cry

John Sebastian and Annie Raines  "Orange Dude Blues"

John Sebastian Live at Woodstock

Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special - Live at San Quentin

Johnny Dyer & Barry Levenson - Chasing the Money

Johnny Dyer & Mark Hummel - Rolling Fork Revisited

Johnny Dyer & Mark Hummel - Young Fashioned Ways

Johnny Dyer & Rick Holmstrom - Come Back Home

Johnny Dyer & Rick Holmstrom - Don't have much time

Johnny Dyer & Rick Holmstrom - If you Please

Johnny Dyer & Shakey Jake - Straight Ahead

Johnny Dyer - Everybody Talking

Johnny Dyer - Hash Brown

Johnny Dyer - I'm your Hoochie Coochie Man

Johnny Dyer - Johnny's Boogie

Johnny Dyer - Nine below Zero

Johnny Dyer - North of Montana

Johnny Dyer - Oh Baby

Johnny Dyer - Slipp'n & Slid'n

Johnny Dyer - So Glad I am Livin

Johnny Dyer - Sugar Sweet

Johnny Dyer - Trouble No More

Juzzie Smith - Broadbeach Blues

Juzzie Smith - Harmonica Jam

Juzzie Smith - One Man Band



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Kassu Halonen - Last Nite

Kim Wilson - Blues Harp Pro  (Live Performance)

Kim Wilson - Five Long Years

Kim Wilson - Goin' Away Baby

Kim Wilson - Money, Marbles and Chalk

Kim Wilson - New Morning

Kim Wilson - Out of the Fryin' Pan

Kim Wilson - Rumblin

Kim Wilson - Slow Down

Kim Wilson - Solo

Kim Wilson - Strange Things Happenin'

Kim Wilson - The Last Time

Kim Wilson - You've Been Goofing

Kim Wilson - Wingin' It

Koerner, Ray and Glover - I want to see my baby

Larry Adler - Blues in the Night

Larry Adler - Genevieve Waltz, from the Film ''Genevieve''

Larry Adler - Le Rififi

Larry Adler - Little Girl Blue

Larry Adler - Rhapsody in Blue

Larry Adler - Romanian Rhapsody

Larry Adler - Saint Louis Blues

Larry Adler - Summertime (in 3 arrangements)

Larry Adler - Touchez Pas Au Grisbi

Lazy Lester - Petrol Wagon Blues

Lee Oskar - 25th Anniversary Tour 2008   Low Rider

Lee Sankey - Acoustic Hamonica Blues

Lee Sankey - Slow Blues

Les Thompson

Little Charlie and the Nightcats  " Hurry up and Wait"

Little Walter & Muddy Waters - Walk'n On

Little Walter - Back Track

Little Walter - Blues with a Feeling

Little Walter - Boogie

Little Walter - Juke

Little Walter - Key to the Highway

Little Walter - Mellow Down Easy

Little Walter - My Babe

Little Walter - Sad Hours

Little Walter - Roller Coaster

Little Walter - Walter's Jump

Lonnie Glosson - Lonnies Fox Chase

Lonnie Glosson - Ozark Cat Chase

Louisiana Red - The Story of Louisiana Red

Madan Kumar

Mark Hummel - Blues Blow Out 2014

Marcus Millius - Up a Lazy River

Max Geldray - A Nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

Max Geldray - Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom Wine

Max Geldray - Goon with the Wind

Max Geldray - Once in love with Amy

Max Geldray - One Two Button your Shoe

Max Geldray - When you're smiling

Michael Herblin - Voice

Mike Turk Quartet - Batida Diferenten

Mojo Blues Band - Harmonica Boogie

Moses Concas - Ain't True

Moses Concas - Human Revolution

Moses Concas - Moonshines

Moses Concas - Street Music

Mud Morgafield - Still a Fool  (Two Trains)



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Nine Below Zero - No More Blues

Noah Lewis - Big Railroad Blues

Noah Lewis - Chickasaw Special

Noah Lewis - Devil in the Woodpile

Noah Lewis - Heart Breakin' Blues

Noah Lewis - Like I want to be

Noah Lewis - Luck's my buddy

Noah Lewis - Minglewood Blues

Noah Lewis - Pretty Mama Blues

Noah Lewis - Ticket Agent Blues

Noah Lewis - Viola Lee Blues

Noah Lewis - Wolf River Blues

Noel Battle at the Westmeath Downs Concert

Noel Battle at the Bristol International  Harmonica Festival

Noel Battle - The Crooked Road

Noel Battle - Walk in my Shoes

PT Gazell - If I had You

PT Gazell - Over the Rainbow

PT Gazell - Reet Petite

PT Gazell - The Christmas Song

PT Gazell - The Thumb

Pat Ramsey and the Blues Disciples - Build me a woman

Pat Ramsey and the Blues Disciples - Too many drivers

Pat Ramsey - Jamm'n in the Jungle

Pat Ramsey - Whammer Jammer

Paul Butterfield - Live on Stage

Paul Butterfield - Walking Blues

Paul Jones - At the Newark Music Festival

Paul Jones - Do Wah Diddy

Paul Jones - Tobacco Road

Paul Jones - You Gotta Move

Paul Michael Meredith - A Fine Red Wine

Paul Michael Meredith - Lip Smack'n

Paul Michael Meredith - Smooth Talk

Paul Michael Meredith - Swing'n

Pete Blasberg - Jimmy McHugh Medley

Pete Pederson - Misty

Phil Phillips - Sea of Love Blues



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Richard Hunter - Solo

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats - She Nuts Up

Rick Estrin - Chigago Shuffle

Rick Estrin - Sonnyboys Groove

Rick Fines and Carlos Del Junco - Got my Mojo Work'n

Rick Steele at the Perth Blues Club 2011 - Legends on the Loose Show

Rob "lefty La-Roo" Letvincuck - Folson Prison Blues

Rob Paparozzi and the Hudson River Rats - Mercy  Mercy  Mercy

Rob Paparozzi and the VHS Jazz Band - THE BLUES IS ALRIGHT

Rob Paparozzi - Baby Elephant Walk (jazz version)

Rob Paparozzi - Body and Soul @ H2018 NHL Bristol Harmonica Festival

Rob Paparozzi - Bye Bye Blackbird

Rob Paparozzi - For Once in my Life

Rob Paparozzi - Everything is going to be alright

Rob Paparozzi - For Once in my Life

Rob Paparozzi - Groove Mechanic

Rob Paparozzi - In a Mellowtone

Rob Paparozzi - It might as well be Spring

Rob Paparozzi - It's my day

Rob Paparozzi - Keep it Simple

Rob Paparozzi - Overjoyed

Rob Paparozzi - Shame-Shame-Shame

Rob Paparozzi sitting in with The Michael Packer Blues Band

Rob Paparozzi - This Masquerade

Rob Paparozzi - Ticket to ride

Rob Paparozzi - The Shadow of your smile

Rob Paparozzi - Rainbow Connection

Rob Paparozzi - Rob Paparozzi at the 2019 Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest

Rob Paparozzi - Sophisticated Lady

Rob Paparozzi - Sweet Home Chicago

Rob Paparozzi with Mark Sganga - Manha de Carnavale (Black Orpheus)

Rob Stone & Ronnie Mack - Live Onstage

Rob Stone & The C-Notes - Live Onstage

Rob Stone - Give me Time

Rob Stone - Hideaway

Rob Stone -  I just keep loving her

Rob Stone - I'm going to dig myself a hole

Rob Stone - Left me with a broken heart

Rob Stone - Live at the Honkey Tonk Blues Bar - Barcelona

Rob Stone - Rock this House

Rob Stone - Who's a loving you tonight

Rob Stone - Wild Cat Tamer

Robert Bonfiglio - As Time Goes By

Robert Bonfiglio - Classic Virtuoso - Thais Meditation

Robert Bonfiglio - Debussy Clair de Lune

Robert Bonfiglio - Hovhanes Harmonica Concerto

Rod Piazza and the Might Flyers - Mellow Down Easy

Roly Platt / Justin Forsley - Big Sticky

Roly Platt - Boogie Woogie / Western Swing on Harmonica

Roly Platt - Got My Mojo Workin

Roly Platt - Rippin it up

Roly Platt - Roly's Special Blues

Roly Platt - Somewhere over the Rainbow

Ron Kalina live at the 2010 NAMM

Roy Fulton - Country Blues



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Sam Myers - I got the Blues

Sebastien Charlier and 3 no Som - 500 Miles High

Sebastien Charlier and Greg Zlap - Help Me

Sebastien Charlier and the Remo Toulon Trio - Sambamaya

Sebastien Charlier - In a Sentimental Mood

Sebastien Charlier live performance at the Sunset Paris Jazz Club 2005 - Le Blues de Flamel

Sebastien Charlier - Precious Time

Sebastien Charlier - Shout

Scott Henderson - Gittar School

Shailesh Mogre - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Sholay - Love Theme

Slim Harpo - Harmonica Blues

Sir Rod & The Blues Boctors - MIssissippi Blues

Son House - Between Midnight and Day (LIVE)

Sonny Boy Williamson I - Bye Bye Bird

Sonny Boy Williamson I "Keep it to Yourself"

Sonny Boy Williamson I "Nine Below Zero"

Sonny Terry - Crow Jane

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee "Livin With the Blues"

Steven Tyler's Best Harmonica Playing

Steve Wonder - Harmonica Solo

Sugar Blue   "Don't Start Me Talkin"

Susan Sauter - Just amazing

Svanng- Kua Kua Kome Kiki "Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Band"

Swiss Dr Blues - Help Me



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Taj Mahal - Deed I Do

The Blues Brothers - She Caught the Katy

The Edgar Broughton Band - Bring it on Home

The J. Geils Band - Whammer Jammer

The Jimmy Rogers All Stars - Going Away Baby

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Scream'n

The Waifs - Crazy Train

The Yardbirds - Drinking Muddy Water

Todd Parrott - I'll fly away

Tom Byrne - Chromatic Harmonica in C/C sharp - Traditional Irish Music

Tom Byrne with the Donegal Chamber Orchestra - Leibesfreud

Tom Byrne - Paddy Fahy's Jig

Tom Walbank live at the 17th Street Market 2007

Tommy Morgan - Rayners Theme

Tony Joe White - Stockholm Blues

Toots Thielemans - Bluesette

Toots Thielemans - I loves you Porgy

Toots Thielemans - Imagine

Toots Thielemans - Midnight Cowboy

TV In Flames - Who's Sleepin Outside My Door



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Walter (Shakey) Horton - All Star Boogie

Walter Burger - L'Amonica

Wille Mae (Big Moma) Thornton - Big Mama's Blues

Wille Mae (Big Moma) Thornton - Down Home Shakedown

Wille Mae (Big Moma) Thornton - Everything Going Be Alright

Wille Mae (Big Moma) Thornton - I'm Feeling Alright

Wille Mae (Big Moma) Thornton live in concert Eugene Oregon 1971

Wille Mae (Big Moma) Thornton - Rock Me Baby

William Clarke - Blow'n like Hell

William Clarke - Can't you hear me calling

William Clarke - Cash Money

William Clarke - Charlie's Blues

William Clarke - Chromatic Jump

William Clarke - Complainer's Boogie Woogie

William Clarke - Goin' Steady

William Clarke - Greasy Gravy

William Clarke - It's been a long time

William Clarke - Lollipop Mama (Live Performance)

William Clarke - Lonesome Bedroom Blues

William Clarke - Must be Jelly

William Clarke - Pawnshop Bound

William Clarke - The Boss

William Galison - My One and ONLY LOVE



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