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The HARP ATTACK is designed to provide true power tube distortion in a pedal. This pedal is not your typical tube preamp that uses a triode; this tube uses a sub miniature beam power tube, the same type tube as a 6V6 to provide the tone of an overdriven single ended amp. It produces a fat punchy tone that can be set with the exact amount of overdrive desired. You can certainly tell there is a tube inside of this pedal. The pedal is designed with a high impedance input buffer providing 10M ohms of resistance to get the best tone from your crystal, CM or other high impedance microphone. A DRIVE control sets the amount of power tube saturation desired, an active tone control with a 20db range that is tuned for harp frequencies and an output VOLUME control sets the output level. The output of the pedal is also buffered with an FET amp that adds extra gain to extend the life of the tube, this gain is controlled with the pedal volume control. Our current version now has a different tube to eliminate microphonics.

The Lone Wolf Harp Attack fills several needs of harp players; by providing true power tube overdrive distortion in a pedal it allows you to plug straight into a pa and get an overdriven 6V6 sound or dirty up an amp that is otherwise too clean. The Harp Attack gives an excellent tube sound to a solid state amp and it makes a great easy to bring along back-up harp amp. The pedal does not produce massive distortion but a smooth overdriven tone. Put it in your harp case and take it to jams or use it in line with other pedals to develop your own signature tone. I recommend that you install this pedal last in line with other pedals, but this is only a recommendation. This pedal is also becoming popular for taking on tour in Europe.

The Harp Attack pedal operates with two 9 volt batteries or an 18vdc power adapter. The battery is switched off when an external power supply is used and the LED is on when the effect is in and is off when the effect is in bypass. The mic input jacks acts as the on-off switch. Battery life is estimated at 15 hours of playing time