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This is the long awaited sequel to the popular first workshop.
For students who have attended our Blues Harmonica for Beginners Workshop and made some progress with the techniques, our 'Jamming Workshop' introduces more advanced techniques and provides insights and understanding to be confident in a Jam Session.

Jamming Workshop class curriculum

New Technique - The Trill or 'Shake'


New Technique - Throat Vibrato
New Technique - Glissando
Blues Scale Blues
The I-IV-V Blues Progression
Safe Chords and Root Notes
12 Key Principles of Blues Improvisation
Creating a Solo
Solo Dynamics
Advanced Articulations
Mixolydian Scale
Major Pentatonic Scale
Adding Bends to Riffs
Jamming Etiquette
Solo Study 1 - "What I Like About You" - The Romantics
Solo Study 2 - "I'll Be Gone" - Spectrum
Amplified Blues Harp Techniques & Equipment

This is a very full 5 hour session. 
The participant will not be expected to perfect the techniques in the 5 hours - A detailed Workbook with all the exercises, riffs and a USB thumb drive with 30 tracks as our gift to you in this take-home pack.

Cost: $130 / Person