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Here is what a few of our happy clients have had to say about the workshops


Adam Morrison: "Any beginners want a fantastic kick start to playing blues harp ?  I recently attended a workshop run by the masterful Brad Capper of Harp Attack. I would have been happy to just pay the money to hear him play let alone teach me. Very well structured workshop from someone that knows way too much about harmonica."


Nathan: “Brilliant”  “Very Inspirational”    “Right Length Too”   “Thanks” 


Gavin: “Very inspiring and interesting showing me that a harmonica is a far more complex instrument and a lot more can be done with it than simply just making a noise. I thank you and look forward to further meetings.


Claire: “Excellent presentation and well organized. I really enjoyed myself thank you. Easy to follow through the class and an enjoyable relaxed atmosphere! Take home package was a good bonus to follow up on at home and very helpful for the future!”

Sarah: “Very Enjoyable.”


Gillian: “Was lots of fun, will practice and torment my dog!! Was really well presented- handout is great to refer to.”


Kaye: “I think it was fantastic- I liked the demonstrations leading into the exercises”.


Joanne: “Very well organized and great to absorb. Technical and visual information works for learning a new skill.”


Gerry: “A very enjoyable and informative course. Gives a much better appreciation of the harmonica. Almost gives it a mystical quality.” 


Alan: “Very good, a lot of fun.”


Mike: “Don’t change anything- a first class afternoon- very useful, easy to follow information.”