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Our Blues Harmonica for Beginners Workshop is a fun-packed 4 hour session of technique instruction for absolute beginners.

As we play through 22 exercises together as a group the sound of Harmonicas in unison is amazing!. We use a Power Point presentation, backing music and draw on my 40 yearís of Harp playing experience to show you the techniques.

Whatís that? You donít think you can do it? Just check out our testimonial page and read some of the feedback we have received. No need to read music, sing or even click your fingers! We will show you how!

The instrument we use is the simple 10 hole Diatonic Harmonica available from your local music store. This is the one you hear on CDís and the radio Ė used in Blues, Rock, Pop, Country & Folk music.

So get your Harp out and join the fun!